Saturday, January 15, 2011

Waiting for the thaw

This is definitely the coldest winter I have experienced in Charlotte since I moved over. I've never stayed away from Mcalpine so long and although all the main roads are now clear, sidewalks and neighborhood roads remain precarious. The weekend forecast is good though so it should be full steam ahead as I eagerly await the next training block from Tim.

I managed to stay away from the mill in the end the last couple of days, one enforced when I went down at lunch time at work to use the only machine in our gym only to be thwarted by a WALKER. Now if running on a treadmill is mind-numbing, what must walking on one feel like? I was heading out straight after work on Thursday so a big fat zero in the books and plans to come in to the office Friday morning early (no walkers on the mill then surely!) and add a few miles to my Friday run to make up. Luckily I got an email from Aaron Thursday night and we met up for some road miles instead. It was nice to be back outside again.

All of which means that the week so far hasn't been too bad in terms of running. Saturday and Sunday will see a long run and a workout just not sure in what order yet as I'm waiting to hear from a couple of people about meeting up.

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