Sunday, January 9, 2011

A good weekend of running and it's not over yet

Saturday at Mcmullen was a highly enjoyable run as expected. A large group of us turned up at 7am to be confronted by very chilly and icy conditions. Mike K subsequently led us all on a short road loop that kept us out of the park before we looped back to meet the 7:30 latecomers. After a quick game of Frogger on Highway 51 we picked the other guys up and headed into the park and slipped and slid for a few miles. At the 3.5 mile mark Meagan decided it was time to start her marathon pace workout that Brian and I had volunteered to assist with. We headed back towards the parking lot at a pretty solid 6:25 pace considering the conditions underfoot. Luckily the last mile of the trail was in pretty good condition so Meagan was able to complete her workout by turning round every mile! I had to be done by 8:30 so I headed home after a good 11 mile run.

Sunday dawned even colder and it was Lisa's lie in morning so I was going to head out the door at 8am to do a workout in Mcalpine. As it was, Man U were taking on Liverpool in the FA Cup at 8:30 and I obviously couldn't miss that. We were solid if unspectacular (story of our season so far) in our 1-0 victory. I had now missed my workout window and I hate days like that when I just procrastinate trying to decide when it would be best to head out but I did get myself out before lunch and I did an 8*half mile workout that could best be described as being comparable to Man U's performance. I was pleased with this workout.

The "it's not over yet" part of the blog title is in reference to the fact that I will more than likely head out later tonight to get Monday's run in early. We've got snow and ice storms heading towards us and I want to get one up on my rivals and get some miles in as over the next few days opportunities for a decent run may be limited....

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