Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tempo and speed

I'm going to take advantage of some rare weekend peace to update this thing promptly. Lisa is out getting her haircut and the girls have gone swimming with friends so it's just me and my sofa and the Fox Soccer Channel!

This morning I met up with Steve at Old Bell for a workout that was going to involve a 6 mile tempo run at AT pace followed by a 0.5 mile jog to Charlotte Christian track and a mile followed by 400 jog, finishing with a kilometer. I was supposed hit around 35:30 for the AT and 5:10 and 3:03 for the mile and k.

I actually hit 34:44,5:15,3:14. Yes I probably did run the tempo too hard and this probably impacted on my track repeats but to be honest I did feel pretty easy for the tempo and was actually holding myself back on the sixth mile. I think the poor mile and k times were more to do with the fact that I have little speed endurance at the moment and also it was bloody cold! The good news was that until I warmed down I could barely feel the knee/groin aching at all, it was only as I jogged back to the house that I felt anything whatsoever.

Tomorrow I get to lie-in and run in the afternoon over by the Harris Y while I drop Sophie off at a Birthday party. Then it will be time for my first 'cutback' week in a while culminating with my 2011 rust buster at the Winter Flight 8k