Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Flight 8k

Apologies for the late update on how this went. Lisa went to see her Mom for the weekend after the race leaving me in control of the whirling dervishes till Sunday bedtime so I didn't have much time to myself this weekend!

The race went well, pretty much to plan, although I would have liked to have been able to stay with Ben a little longer than I did and pushed him more for third place. 26:54 is where I am right now, not bad for a rust buster and plenty of motivation to build on this over the next few weeks. For the splits and a summary of how the race panned out check my log....

Had a great weekend with the kids after that. The weather was amazing, especially on Sunday and we did plenty of outdoor stuff to take advantage. I was meant to run when Lisa got back last night but by the time we'd put the kids to bed it was after 9 and I was tired so the run wasn't going to happen. I got 8 hours of sleep instead and feel great today because of it- must do that more often! The plan was then to run those 12 miles this morning instead (as I had Monday as an off day originally) and carry on with the rest of my week as planned but when I woke up this morning I decided that if I did that it would mean a 75 plus mile week, which I'm not ready for right now.

So two days off in a row and only 40 miles last week! What a slacker! Luckily I'm doubling tomorrow and my legs get an extra day to recover from the race so I'm hoping I made the right choice. The next 4 weeks see me hitting 65,65,70,75 and some tough workouts mixed in there. I'm ready for this!

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