Saturday, January 1, 2011

CRC hangover run

Miles 7
Time 42:06

January 1st saw the running of the first of what will hopefully be many New Years Day CRC hangover 5k races. It was a 5k with a difference in that no watches were allowed and the winner was the person who came closest to predicting their time and was held on the hallowed 5k course at Mcalpine. Having generally felt blah all week and a bit low on confidence after a couple of bad runs I sandbagged a little, predicting a 17:00 effort. In the end I ran an encouraging 16:33, never going too deep into the well and following closely behind the steps of John Compton. It was a fun event and it was good to meet members I had only seen the names of before. Hopefully this year the CRC will continue to blossom and contribute to the further flourishing of the Charlotte running community.

With the event being held a warm up run away from my house and starting at the earthly hour of 10:30, Lisa and the kids were able to attend which was cool, I'm aiming to spend more time with the kids at weekends this year, one of my 'resolutions', along with not going on the computer before the kids are in bed at the weekend, stopping biting my nails (this will last till next week at the latest), eating less 'processed' foods and drinking less soda, getting new 5 and 10k PRs, improving my flexibility and staying on top of my stretching and probably the hardest one of all, getting someone to comment on one of my posts!

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