Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blue Points 5k

The day dawned with a welcome drop in temps and humidity. Warmed up with Jay, Billy, Meagan, Spada, Brian, Ben and could tell that even though the course was a tough one, the weather had definitely cooperated and everyone was in a positive mood as the race started. This mood turned into one of hilarity and "WTF?" just as we were about to start as it appeared that Vicente Hernandez had forgotten to put his shorts on and had to scamper off the start line to sort himself out. Still no idea what was going on there!

Anyway, before we had lined up you could tell the field was stacked. This 'high profile' race often has College kids just starting to ramp their training up turning up and toeing the line and there were 4 or 5 fast looking guys who I had no clue who they were. Jordan and Falcone charged off down Stonewall followed by the bunch of said college kids. Jay, Brian and I went through in the third pack and hit the mile (all downhill) in 5:01. We dropped Brian as we turned on to Morehead and started climbing. I kept putting in little surges on the hills but Jay was having none of it and I couldn't shake him. Mile 2 5:16 and still climbing. Eventually we crested the bridge after the Dowd and Jay put a small gap on me as we headed down towards the stadium. Under the bridge (mile 3 5:20) and Jay had a 5 meter gap. As the crowd cheered us in I was able to pick it up and pass Jay and hold on for 7th overall (16:13). Good race, fastest time on this course, looking forward to Greek Fest now although no Jay there- I have tried to convince his gf to come back early from their jaunt to the Bahamas but to no avail!

Most people seemed happy with their races. Billy had gone sub 17 for the first time so we were pumped for him, Meagan and Jordan won their races easily as per usual (I'm challenging them to do the double at Greek Fest in sub 15 and sub 17) and most everyone else had performed better than they had expected, myself included. This was easily a course pr for me and two of the three previous times I have run this I have followed up at Greek Fest 30 seconds faster. This time I ran 16:13. My all time road 5k pr is 15:45. You do the math.....

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