Thursday, August 12, 2010

Misery loves company

Never a truer phrase than that this morning! Upon turning the tv on at 5am it was 81 degrees already! I laced up and headed out into the dark, damp and hot air, jumped in the car gratefully and headed to the Dowd for the usual Thursday run. I met up with Jay a little early so that we could get an extra couple of miles in before joining the main group at 6. And what a group it was! Caitlin, Billy, Lat and Mike were going to be doing a workout so we ran with them for a couple of miles, then we split off and the remaining 9 or 10 people continued trudging up Queens Road West glad that we weren’t going to be doing 3*2 miles! 9 miles, 2 water stops and countless good conversations later and we were back at the Dowd our work done for the day. 16*400 tomorrow am!!

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