Friday, August 27, 2010


I can honestly say I haven’t felt this decent going into a race for a long time. Weather is fairly decent, competition should be hot and to cap it off I picked up some new Fasttwitch flats from the store yesterday that I will be lacing up on Saturday. Of course it could all blow up in my face tomorrow but runners are often accused of sandbagging and playing down their fitness so I guess I’m bucking the trend here!

The week thus far has been day off Monday, decent enough, hard workout on Tuesday (1*2 mile,2*1 mile, 4*400m), 7 easy solo on the trails Wednesday, 8 plus strides yesterday with a big group from the Dowd including a couple of loops of the course and 4 plus barefoot drills, strides and stretching at CCS this morning. Wish I could fit more of what I did this am into my weekly routine as my legs felt great after it!

Anyways, hopefully I’ll get after it tomorrow and let’s see how it goes. Good luck all!!

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