Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tough Tempo

Today was one of those runs you just suck it up, get it done and move on. Day broke with a great change in temps, it was almost Fall-like with a cool drizzle in the air, but even this couldn't disguise the fact that my legs felt tired this morning, very tired. Given that the previous 8 days had included an excruciating race, two long runs and an 8 mile AT effort, all in dreadful humidity, this was hardly surprising.

So I headed out somewhat reluctantly to Charlotte Christian track for today's prescribed workout which was a 5 mile Lactate Threshold had advised that this workout was best done either on a track or least a flat measurable surface where your pace and effort could be monitored closely and with the rain likely to have impacted on my first choice of venue Mcalpine I decided to head to the track.

A jog there and a few strides and I decided I might as well get on with it as my legs weren't suddenly going to freshen up! I even kept my ipod on as a distraction. The first mile passed in 5:38 and from then on I only checked my watch at the end of each mile rather than each lap. 2,3 and 4 in 5:40, 5:36,5:34 and pushing hard on the last one I came down to 5:17, a workout that looked like it may go down the pan after 2 miles being somewhat salvaged by a strong finish.

Hopefully my much needed 'down week' next week will freshen me up again, very happy to have hit over 80 miles for the first time this week.

As i was fighting to get through this workout I kept thinking of Mo Farah's efforts yesterday, trying to use it for inspiration. For those of you who haven't seen it I am attaching the link to the last 400m of the Euro Champs 5k yesterday. Bear in mind that the previous two laps had been completed in 61 and 59

A fantastic effort, history making for a UK runner and all on the back of a brilliant 10k victory earlier in the week. Nice one Mo and a really solid Euro Champs for my compatriots as we start gearing up for London 2012!


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