Monday, August 30, 2010

Greekfest recap

So in my preview to this race last week I mentioned that I had had two good and two bad performances here previously. I guess this time you could say I split the difference. Actually as soon as I finished the race I was slightly disappointed, by the end of the day I was content and now I'm feeling pretty satisfied with the performance.

I put myself in position to run a fast time and through two miles was still on schedule but I was already starting to slip at that point and the third mile was a struggle. Sub 16 was still on the cards at the 3 mile mark but somehow I managed to take 40 seconds to run the last 0.12 (36 at my last race). I definitely missed having someone to run with in this race. I gapped Aaron earlier than I expected I would and the guy who beat me into third came passed me as if I wasn't there during the second mile and I couldn't latch on to him so I spent most of the race on my own. Where was Jay when I needed him? Oh, that's right, the Bahamas!

On a side note there were a slew of excellent performances on view at the race. A bunch of guys improved their 5k PRs into the mid 16s, first time sub 18 efforts were aplenty and everyone generally seemd to have a good race. Another great event put on by Tim and his team. Next up in the Grand Prix is the Brixx 10k at the end of September. With that race coming just a week after what is likely to be a very strenuous effort at the Blue Ridge Relay and with second place in the Grand Prix pretty much sewn up now, my approach for this race has yet to be determined! Next up is a xc meet at the weekend when I go and visit the Budics in Cleveland!

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