Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Group running

What I love with the Charlotte running scene now is that almost any morning you can guarantee some company on your runs! A couple of years ago after Tim had left the area I was pretty much running solo at least 5 times a week. Now an 'ipod' run is rare (and all the more appreciated when it does happen as a result).

This morning was no different. Meagan was doing a workout at Mcalpine so put the call out for some company. Even though I was just easy running today I was more than happy to meet up. Jordan put in an appearance, as did Aaron and after we dropped off Meagan and Pezz who we met en route, Aaron, Jordan and I ran around for some nice easy miles. I was going to head to CC school and do some striders on their artificial field but ended up just doing my whole run with those two and settling for some strides outside my house. Great company, enjoyable run.

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