Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Keeping hold of the Booty Loop

In recent posts, Caitlin and Meagan have both made reference to owning the Booty Loop. I did my best this morning to keep it in runners' hands as I repeated my AT Tempo workout of three weeks ago and managed to run it 26 seconds faster in 46:11 (5:45 pace). The effort was hard and honest with the smothering humidity and running solo so all in all another good workout in the books.

You may have noticed I didn't update Monday and Tuesday. My blog was becoming so dull I was even bored myself writing it so no saying how my readers were finding it. (For the record Monday was a nice ten miler with Mr CRC, Aaron Linz, and Tuesday was 9.25 with the Miners).So I'm back to sporadic postings now when I actually have something interesting to contribute.

Couple of things today. One, Lisa went ahead and booked our family vacation down to Disney World in February. She got a great deal staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort with all our park passes and as much food as we can eat. So we are very excited about that.

Also exciting is the upcoming Blue Ridge Relay which I have not previously mentioned in these pages but is now coming up rapidly on the horizon. Our captain, Mr Ben Hovis, has finalized his crack squad and rumors are we are pursuing an attempt on the Mixed Course Record...With Danielle Crockford, Alice Rogers, Jocelyn Sikora, Boriana Bakaltcheva, Michelle Hazelton and Sarah Brooke Jones toeing the line for the ladies and Ben, John Compton, Jay Holder, Mike Beigay, Brian McMahon and I for the guys, who could doubt our intentions....


  1. good workout! jordan missed you at mcalpine tho.

  2. p.s. you should've just titled this post "keeping hold of the booty."