Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Even Tougher Tempo

Phew, this was a tough one. Figure that even though I had yesterday completely off I’m still pretty tired from last week. Taking it VERY easy until Saturday now….

Great turnout! Met Chris, Aaron, Jay and Spada (AND STAN!) at Old Bell, ran up Sardis and met Megan, Mike, Bill and Brian on their way down, headed back to Old Bell, picked up Ben and jogged to the start of the xc course (nice 4.5 mile warm up!)

Brian, Chris, Jay, Aaron, Spada and I did the workout. We ran the 5k course twice and on the second time through carried on back to Old Bell for 8.2 miles total. We were all pretty much together through 2 miles, then Jay and Chris started to pick it up a little so I went with them. As we started the second loop Chris started to put the hammer down a little. I knew he was looking to run 5:40s so I backed off a bit as that was too fast for my workout. Jay went with him and they got a pretty decent gap on me. The hill the second time round pretty much zapped me as I crossed that aerobic threshold and was panting pretty hard coming down the back of that. The remaining 3 or 4 miles was just a question of trying to maintain form as much as possible and close the workout out without going to the well. Chris had gapped Jay by this point and I was gaining a little on Jay for the last couple of miles but he still finished comfortably ahead of me. Chris carried on to do 50 minutes but Jay and I were done!

6:15 (hill)
5:59 (hill)
0:52 (0.2)

Yesterday was a nice fat zero in the books. The rest of the week will be nice and easy with some strides and drills thrown in- legs are going to need to be nice and refreshed for Saturday's race...

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