Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tempo repeats

Today I headed up to Lansdowne to do a workout on the loop I had scoped out yesterday. The workout was actually Jay and Aaron's as precribed by their coach, 3*13 minutes with 3 minute recovery, so I had scoped a loop out that measured 2.34 miles (about 5:33 pace for 13 minutes). The workout went well...

Spada, Brian and Jay joined me for this one. The first mile was straight along Lansdowne towards Providence which is a nice slightly downhill start and makes for a tough return for the second half of the loop. During mile 2 there were two fairly significant rises on Lansdowne and then a nice little downhill finish back to the start

13:02 (5:33,5:36,1:53) (5:34 pace)
12:45 (5:20,5:32,1:53) (5:27 pace)
12:45 (5:16,5:41,1:48) (5:27 pace)

As you can see we were fairly cautious on the first loop and I was definitely straining on mile 2 of the 3rd loop and slowed pretty significantly there but managed to kick in a pretty decent finish. We all had solid workouts today in pretty grim weather conditions!

Jay and I are meeting up later to get a double in. Not content with training, warming up and down and racing alongside each other we have decided to double together too.

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