Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday 400m fun

This morning I hit up PDS with Jay, Brian and Spada- always great to work out with others! The weather seemed to have improved slightly from yesterday although we were still all drenched before we even started- it is amazing though how even a couple of degrees drop in temps and humidity seems to make such a difference, Fall is going to feel like heaven!

My legs were feeling good before the workout and I had a sense it was going to be a good one. Coach had prescribed 16 400s with 100m walk recovery at 10k pace. I’d figured I was in about 33 minute shape which called for 79-80 400s. Well, we hit the first one in that time but after that it got a bit out of hand! Still, I felt under control almost the whole time and the pace felt ‘right’ as we were knocking off the loops. We did the second half 'backwards' around the track just for a change of scenery and leaning! I was very pleased I could finish strong with a 66. The 100m recovery walks generally took just under a minute.


18 tomorrow to close the week out. I am not running Sunday as Lisa is off to her High School Reunion in Virginia so it's just me and the kids this weekend!

If any of my readers are around and not heading to Fisher Farms I am meeting Spada and Brian at 6 at Old Bell and then circling back at 6.30 to pick up any other arrivals........

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  1. hey, would you mind swinging up in the boyce direction after you hit up old bell at 6:30? if you are amenable to this suggestion then i will be in the boyce parking lot ready to roll at 6:40. i'm meeting some queens peeps there at 7:30 but need to start earlier. let me know via facebook or text please.