Saturday, August 14, 2010

Long run struggle

Didn't particularly enjoy this morning's long run! Although the temps had dropped as forecast, the dew point remained very high so as I met up with Spada and Brian less than half a mile into my run I was already sweating profusely! We ran around for half an hour before picking up Meagan and ten minutes later Jason and Justin. Luckily I had such good company for this run as on my own this would have been a chore! The humidity was particularly oppressive today and for some reason my stomach was acting up the whole time. Having said that I got the planned 18 miler done (first 9 in 71 minutes, second 9 in 62 minutes- just to get it over quicker) and it was the end of my running for the week so I could look forward to a Sunday lie in.

In other news this week some travel plans are now on the horizon. Yes the Mainwarings are heading up to Cleveland for Labor Day weekend to visit the Budics! A great opportunity to see TJ, Hannah and of course, Coach and obviously the weekend is going to incorporate a race. I'm planning to toe the line with Tim in his Alma Mater's first xc meet of the season! We're sure to ahve a great time as we've really missed Tim, Hannah and TJ since they moved back to Cleveland from Charlotte a couple of years ago.

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