Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back in the groove, off the leaderboard

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. I'm determined to get this blog kick started again so may have to resort to posting my daily runs again just to keep me updating regularly. Bear with me...

30-ish miles the week after Richmond, 40-ish the following week, over 50 this week including my first workout (a 10 mile tempo in just over an hour to help out Billy on his last big workout before Thunder Road next week) and 60 planned this week. This hasn't been enough to keep me on the Athleticore CRC mileage leaderboard as I have slipped off it back into the peloton. Still on course for over 3,000 miles this year though, which will be a record oh by about 800 miles or so!

The legs seem to have come round nicely and feel ready to get back to some harder work. With a 5k on the horizon in less than two weeks it's probably about time to start adding some more 'quality' to the mix so with that in mind I'm going to be heading to the track on Tuesday after work to spin the wheels a bit. There has also been some talk of pacing duties at the Marathon on Saturday so we'll see what comes of that.....

It's going to be cold the next few mornings with temps in the low 20s. I actually like getting wrapped up and heading out into this stuff. When we're toiling through the yucky Summer weather we dream of these mornings so there's no way I'm going to start moaning now....

In other news we're getting all geared up for Christmas here. Straight after Thanksgiving we got the tree up and all the other paraphenalia Lisa likes to get out. The kids (obviously) love this time of year and it's fun seeing how excited they get about stuff. With a ten day visit from Grandma and Grandad Mainwaring on the horizon it should be fun times in the Mainwaring household the next few weeks.

So, more regular postings coming I hope, as the post Richmond build continues in earnest.

Lastly, two major shout outs today. One to fellow CRC member and blogger Allen Strickland who ran 3:19 in Dallas today and will have to think of a new title for his blog. Secondly to one of my best UK friends, now Calgary resident, Duncan Marsden, one of the main instigators who got me into this sport in the first place, who ran 2:32 in Sacramento today with a handy negative split.

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