Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If you're up you might as well run

Miles 11
Time 1:22:56

The Miners’ Run typically commences at 5:30am on a Tuesday. However Mike and Ben have started to meet up even earlier to get an extra few miles in and then swinging back to Old Bell at 5:30. This morning I was awake and ready at 5 so I headed out to meet them. Ben took us round some nice hilly roads that he has discovered since moving in to his new pad. Being that Ben lives less than a mile away from me it was nice for me to discover new potential routes. One particular loop looked very promising for a tough hill workout so I will check that out again later in the week. Ben and his wife Megan moving close to me is going to be great for my running as I will always have 2 willing running partners available. Another plus is that Ben always needs to be done by 6:30 (fine by me!) and when he is fit he is faster than me so I’ll have a good workout partner too (he is actually jumping into the workout I have planned for tomorrow morning).

The run itself was fun. The wind had dropped so the temps were in the teens with little wind chill which was better than expected. We caught up on the gossip from Saturday’s after race party and picked Aaron and Mike K up at 5:30 for the standard Miners’ Run in Mcalpine. It was good to get 11 miles in on a week day and gives me a head start for the rest of the week.


  1. absolutely not Steve!! See you at 5:30 start of Lansdowne loop tomorrow am! 8*2 minutes....