Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Double

Miles 17
Time 1:58

Anticipating a likely zero on Christmas Day I decided to get two runs in today. This morning I hit the workout I had originally planned for Wednesday. I met up with Aaron, Spada and Mike K at Old Bell and we jogged out to the 4 mile mark. As we hit Margaret Wallace on the way back, we turned the burners on. My goal was to get back to Old Bell at about 5:20 pace. Aaron took me through mile 1 in 5:18 then I was solo for the second always slower mile in 5:23 and hit the last one in 5:16. I carried on into Old Bell to get the full 5k distance in 16:35. It would be a stretch to say it was a tempo effort as I was pretty much balls out but I'm still pretty happy with how it went, especially as it was probably about 20 degrees (I wore my new shorts and arm sleeves and both rocked!)

Later on in the day I decided to head out again (without having showered from the morning run) and I actually felt decent again. My ipod kept cranking out great tracks and the weather was fantastic so I really enjoyed this! We'll see if I can get out tomorrow- the only chance will be if the kids sleep 'as normal' and I can get a few in at 5am- unlikely though!

My Richmond award came today and it was a pretty nice plaque which they had actually bothered to put my name on. It reminded me that i am three for three with age group wins in marathons.

I sent an email to coach today requesting assistance from Jan 3 onwards. I've earmarked an 8k at the end of January as my first race of 2011 with the ultimate goal being sub 32:30 at the Richmond 10k in April and a new 5k PR on the track some time in the Spring also.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with the family doing festive stuff. I made an amazing looking pie for tomorrow and we all made Gingerbread Houses. There is so much food in the house it is ridiculous!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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