Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back to Tuesday night track

Miles- 7.75
Time- 49:55

Tuesday always used to be my track workout night, dating back to my days in England when I would head to Battersea Park track after work every Tuesday or get the train to Guildford to train with the Guildford & Godalming AC boys at the Spectrum Center. Then for a good while after moving to Charlotte I would head to AG track on my way home from work on a Tuesday to get it done. The last couple of years however I have tended to do all my workouts in the am, what with having two tracks within easy distance of my house and other willing early risers 'happy' to join me at dark thirty.

So it was a nostalgic trip of sorts back to AG track last night to do my first workout there in ages. It was nice to see some familiar faces there as I was warming up- Jocelyn, Michelle, Boriana and Shenna. Warming up being a relative term of course as the temps were already below freezing. I really had no idea what I wanted to do I just figured it would be good to get 3 or 4 miles of work in at around 5:20 pace.

At about 400m into the workout I decided I would do the old staple 4*1600 with 400 jog. My legs seemed as stiff as planks as I was heading round the track in the cold and this coupled with my current unfamiliarity with running at this pace and the darkness which meant you could barely see the lanes for most of the circuits led to a very average workout where I felt fine aerobically but just couldn't seem to get the legs moving and body working efficiently. 5:18,21,25,21 the fairly pitiful stats but for now I'll take it and hope for better next time. I did enjoy working out on an evening again and going forward maybe today's Miners Run/AG workout double will become the new Tuesday staple.

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