Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bad day at the office

Miles 4
Time 32:10

The forecast bad weather was messy enough to keep me from heading to the Dowd this morning. Instead I headed cautiously down to Mcalpine where I figured if I slipped on the ice there the chances of getting hurt would be less than on the sidewalk! Unfortunately my upper right leg was still sore from the previous day’s workout. I didn’t stretch and warm it up sufficiently before I left my warm house and it was aching immediately. After 4 miles I stopped to massage it out but was done after that and just jogged home instead of adding on any more. It’s something I’ve been managing for a while since it flared up briefly during the marathon. A massage did it wonders and I had been keeping on top of it until this run so hopefully I just need to look after it like I did before and it won’t be an issue going forward. We’ll see tomorrow

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