Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mt Mourne Elf 5k

Miles 7.7
Time 50:07

I closed out 2010 with a successful race! It would probably register as a B+ in my grading system used below. I finished 2nd overall in 16:07 sandwiched between a sub 15 Furman Senior and the State Div 2A XC High School runner up. Despite being a relatively small race this one attracts some good guys- Anthony Famigletti ran 14:30 here in 2007!

The course was a fairly flat out and back and measured very slightly short on my Garmin. I ran splits of 5:07,5:14,5:24 as the headwind started to affect me in the third mile. My breathing was good throughout, just didn't have much turnover which wasn't surprising. My slight groin strain wasn't an issue and hasn't noticeably stiffened up since the race so i should be good to go.

Now I just need to think about goals for 2011 so I can start planning my race calendar! My immediate thoughts are that I would like to run a fast 5k/10k in the spring just to mix it up a little having spent the last training cycle training for the marathon. Until I 'firm things up' I'll just keep putting some consistent milage in with a couple of workouts and a long run per week.

Meanwhile my parents are in town. They enjoyed coming to the race yesterday. Mum was introduced to Biscuitville sausage biscuits (she initially thought I was handing her a burger for breakfast) and both appreciated the Southern welcome they got from my running buddies who were there- not often they get called Sir and Ma'am!). I have two days of work next week and then am off till after Christmas so looking forward to a nice relaxing week!

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