Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Polar Bear Run

Miles 7.9 Time 58:39

The traditional Miners Run was renamed the Polar Bear Run today in honour of the 17 degree temps that greeted us this morning. A motley crue (one for Spada there) of Ben, the Mikes, Jay, Nathan (notably wearing shorts!) and Steve met up at dark thirty and I got a nice and easy shake out run in before I attempt a track workout later today. Suffice to say it was cold! I felt fairly decent though, helped no end by England polishing off the Aussie tail early last night and giving me ample time to catch up on some sleep lost from watching the other 4 days of the match.

I don’t even know what workout I’m going to do later I just want to get the legs turning over at sub 5:20 pace again. We’ll see what they’ve got.

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