Thursday, December 9, 2010

Slight warm up

Miles 9
Time 1:04:30

With T Road looming, it was a slightly smaller group than normal that showed up for this morning’s Dowd 6am run. But what was lacking in quantity we made up for in quality with myself, Jay, Jason, Caitlin, Mike K and Justin hitting the roads for the traditional 9 mile loop. The weather had crept back into the 20s and my legs felt a bit more recovered from Tuesday so this was an altogether more enjoyable run than yesterday. I was meant to do some strides to finish but put them off until tomorrow when my legs should be back to 100%.

Saturday is going to be a fun day of race watching with Thunder Road in the am and the XC nationals in the afternoon. Just got to plan my vantage points at T Road as I will likely be just running around from point to point and there are quite a few people I want to see and support. To keep Lisa appeased I will take the kids to the races in the afternoon. Hopefully the expected warm up in temps will take hold!!

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