Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cold workout!

Miles 8
Time 54:07

It was 10 degrees this morning as Ben and I headed up to the multipurpose Lansdowne loop to do a workout of 8*2 minutes with 1 minute recoveries. Apparently it was the coldest ever December 15th in Charlotte history!! With that and the 5:30 start in mind I was fairly content with the workout that saw us cover just over three miles in the 16 minutes and 25 seconds of work. I would imagine I should be capable of a fairly similar time in the race on Saturday.

A 'wintry mix' is forecast for the morning which will make the roads treacherous and put my usual 9 mile Dowd run in jeopardy so I may have to find another way of getting the miles in

My parents arrive tomorrow too! Looks like the weather system will have passed by the time they land so hopefully that won't be an issue. Should be a fun 10 day visit...

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