Friday, December 10, 2010

More Mcalpine solo

Miles 6.2
Time 42:17

Today I ran exactly the same route as I did Wednesday but as you will see it was noticeably faster. My legs feel recovered from the workout now and I rolled pretty good this morning. The change in temps definitely helps too. In the same way that during the summer a drop in 20 degrees from 90 feels like heaven, an increase from the teens to the 30s in the winter has the same effect. I found myself overdressed this morning, unzipping and rolling up sleeves and wishing I had worn shorts. Oh well, better that than going out underdressed! I didn’t do my strides this morning but made sure to put in some spurts in the last couple of miles to get some turnover in and then did some good stretching afterwards. My legs are going to need to be ready to roll tomorrow as you will see from my next post!

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